Pey Dalid not only met our expectations but also blew everyone out of the water with an incredibly holy experience. Pey Dalid not only plays music – they perform with such enthusiasm, spirit, and love one cannot help but pick up their feet, smile from ear to ear, and be so grateful to witness and become part of such an incredible simcha! We had family members and friends at our simcha from all across the spectrum – non religious to black hat! There were definitely points during our wedding when every single person was out of their seat on the dance floor dancing and smiling. We had family members constantly asking for their CD and how to be in touch with them after the wedding. We knew the band is a “make or break” component of the wedding and Pey Dalid totally MADE our wedding so meaningful, special, and complete with all the holiness and simcha we could ever ask for! I would highly recommend Pey Dalid to anyone who is asking for an incredible band that makes life easy, holy, and super special. They are a 5 star experience!