Our wedding was an unbelievably special event, and Pey Dalid was a big reason why. Their music during the bedeken and chuppah matched the beauty and elevated the holiness of the moment. The horah was one for the ages – we asked to go all out and they brought it! Even after years of marriage, our friends still talk about the “horah hour” from our wedding and how much fun they had. It was a magical day and would not have been the same without Pey Dalid.Michal Wachs and Daniel Gold
We do not have enough incredible things to say about Pey Dalid. Every time family and friends share memories of our simcha, the “marathon hora” that Pey Dalid knocked out of the park is always a highlight. Let’s face it, if it isn’t a Pey Dalid Hora, is it even a Hora?! Pey Dalid kept the dance floor packed and made sure everyone had an amazing time. We are so happy and thankful that Pey Dalid was part of our special day.Jessica and Akiva Goldstein
Pey Dalid are amazing musicians and extremely nice people. Our wedding took place in May 2018, and we still hear from friends how impressed they were with the band’s talent. Mordechai, Shlomo and Pesach were especially nice to work with, and we appreciate that they were part of our special day.Samantha and Arthur
We cannot say enough good things about Pey Dalid. Our wedding was a true simcha because of their music, energy, and amazing spirit. From our first phone call to saying goodbye at the end of the night, every moment with Pey Dalid was a true pleasure. Pay Dalid brings the energy into the tisch from the very beginning, eventually parading the chosson to the kallah with the music that makes the moment that much more special. Months later, people of all different levels of observance, as well as guests who aren’t even Jewish, are still saying how amazing “our band” was. They kept our guests dancing and entertained, and we truly appreciated the mixture of Jewish and secular music so that every person at our wedding was comfortable. There’s no question about it – you need Pey Dalid at your simcha!Jeremy and Hilary DuBois
I just finished making the kinyan on the ketubah, poised for the most intense moment of my life to begin. Everything was in place for simcha–the shomrim and shomrot made sure my kallah and I never overlapped that morning. I had prepared my davening, glided through the tisch, and stood flanked by my parents ready to see my Kallah at the Bedeken. My parents supported me as I walked out to greet her, but it was Pey Dalid’s music that kept me elevated while I turned white as a sheet during the Bedeken. They continued to make the simcha come alive as my Kallah, myself, the m’seder k’dushin and our guests sat mesmerized during the sheva brachos. Afterward, when everything felt like a whirlwind, two things were clear–my Kallah and I were the happiest people in the world, and everyone rejoiced with us as hard as they could while Pey Dalid supplied the soul for our simcha.Abby and Jason
Thank you for everything you did to help make our wedding day an absolute answer to all our prayers and beyond. Each of you gave from such deep and incredibly generous places from your neshama and your guf. Your planning, organization, professionalism, hard work and soul commitment came together in such a profound way which allowed the rest of us to feel like it’s all just one big spontaneous party. Your vision of how to play just the right song or niggun at just the right time is so much a part of bringing down the shefa and helping us raise ourselves to our new heights as chattan and kallah as well as all bringing incredible joy to all our guests. Michoel and I felt Hashem’s presence so strongly and we are so very clear it was in large part due to the coming together of such beautiful Yidden on every level. Thank you for everything you did to help make that happen. It was a day like none other for me, Michoel and our families. There aren’t sufficient words to show our gratitude but if you read these words, close your eyes and take a deep breath I pray Hashem will place a warmth in your heart that allows you to feel the level of appreciation we are sending and the level of nachas He must experience from what you helped to create. Thank you from our very deepest places. Thank you.Jody and Michoel
We, my nuclear family, the Chossen and Kalla, as well as everyone present, were mesmerized and transplanted to another madrega, by leaps and bounds to places never before reached, You were never better, by your soulful and beautiful energy at the wedding. For me personally, I still cannot describe the emotions. Thank you. May Hashem bless you and through you, and your works, all of Klal Yisrael.Phil Wachs
We wanted to take the opportunity to say a MAJOR thank you for most awesome wedding experience we could have hoped for!!! The music was unbelievable and added immensely to our total joy and bliss. Our family and friends all loved you guys and still talk about how great the music was. Hope all is well on your end! And thank you again!Nomi and Jacob
Pey Dalid ROCKS!! You have played at two of our childrens’ weddings, and you totally made the celebrations fantastic! You are an absolute pleasure to work with, to speak with, and to know. Your music is over the top fabulous, and you bring such an enormous energy and simcha wherever you go. EVERYONE asks for your name and number. Thank you for being so wonderful! Kol HaKavod, to all of you!Max & Jill Rudansky
Pey Dalid is an amazing band! The ruach they created and the beauty of their sound elevated the joy of the simcha of our son’s wedding! The melodic sounds they created made the chuppah so amazingly beautiful it elevated the ceremony to a higher level! They helped make the chuppah one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives! So much so that less than a year later we are using them again for our youngest daughter’s wedding! We are a music loving family and we love Pey Dalid!Susan and Steve Shefter
I wanted to send you guys a big THANK-YOU for accompanying and leading us through these most important moments of our lives! You made it for us. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better wedding ceremony. You made us proud! Thanks for infusing our wedding with such warmth and sophistication. My dad loved you guys! At each phase of the wedding, Kabbalat Panim, Bedeken, Chuppah, Cocktail hour, and reception you just hit it on the head and knew how to elevate the moment. When you sang the last blessing under the Chuppah, everyone was moved and the whole Chuppah started singing along with you. I never knew that Chatan and Kallah would sing under the Chuppah, until we did it ourselves! We were amazed. Would we have felt the intensity of the moment without your help? I am a musician myself and know that you guys are setting a new standard for Jewish Wedding Bands. May you be blessed and elevated with success and happiness, always!Dr. Sina and Mrs. Julie Khasani
Pey Dalid! We want to thank you again for being SUCH a major part of the highest, holiest day. There was so much light!! People are still coming up to us and talking about the awesome energy, B”H!! Wow, we still can’t believe that was our wedding – it was just incredible and you guys were off the hook. So mamash holy. On that note, we have a videographer putting something together with music, and he specifically asked for tracks from the dancing to put on the video. Do you guys have any of the songs you perform at the dancing recorded?? If you’ve got anything, we’d love to add it to the video soundtrack. You should be blessed to continue bringing such joy and light to simcha’s!! Call us when you’re in Israel!Dara and Yoel
Pey Dalid not only met our expectations but also blew everyone out of the water with an incredibly holy experience. Pey Dalid not only plays music – they perform with such enthusiasm, spirit, and love one cannot help but pick up their feet, smile from ear to ear, and be so grateful to witness and become part of such an incredible simcha! We had family members and friends at our simcha from all across the spectrum – non religious to black hat! There were definitely points during our wedding when every single person was out of their seat on the dance floor dancing and smiling. We had family members constantly asking for their CD and how to be in touch with them after the wedding. We knew the band is a “make or break” component of the wedding and Pey Dalid totally MADE our wedding so meaningful, special, and complete with all the holiness and simcha we could ever ask for! I would highly recommend Pey Dalid to anyone who is asking for an incredible band that makes life easy, holy, and super special. They are a 5 star experience!Emily and David
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the band was fantastic. Everybody was asking us “who is that band?”. Mordechai and the rest of the group were wonderful to work with and they did a great job learning some new Sephardic songs. The sound worked out well. Also, does the band have any CD’s for sale? I’d love to buy some of their work. Anyway, thanks again for everything.Larry Gormezano (father of the kallah)
While navigating the murky depths of wedding planning, my fianc√© and I learned of PeyDalid’s reputation by word of mouth. It didn’t take us long to figure out that this group had exactly what we were looking for. Aside from their incredible depth of talent and musical creativity, each and every member of Pey Dalid brought a personal touch of warmth and energy to our simcha. We felt embraced by their geniality and good cheer, and whenever we thought we were running out of steam, Pey Dalid sent us soaring once more to the highest level! Every couple should be so blessed to have these guys at their wedding.Max and Dalia
Pey Dalid was so energetic, inspirational and moving. I am so thrilled that we flew them out to Sarasota, FL for our wedding. It was the best decision….. Pey Dalid made our simcha!Nina and Ron
Thank you so much for making our wedding so fantastically spiritual and full of ruach with your holy music. Thank you also for making the trek out to the “burgh”. You should know that you all helped make a “kiddush Hashem” for the many guests who had never attended a “frum” wedding. Keep rockin!Dena & Yonatan
Thank you so much for bringing so much ruach and simcha to our sheva brachot. It was truly fantastic to have your wonderful band, it made the simcha! Much success with your band, you guys are great.Devorah & Eitan
Thank you for making our June 23 wedding so special. We thought you guys rocked – and, apparently, so did all of our family and friends. We hope you had a lot of fun, because we had a blast. We sent you all of the links to the photos on-line. There were a lot of great shots of you all on there. Hope you enjoyed looking at them.Yamit & Alon
Hope everyone’s Shabbas was filled with joy. I went to a wedding in NJ this weekend and to my pleasant surprise Pey Dalid was the band. They were phenomenal, so much energy, they really raised the kedusha and ruach of the event. I highly recommend them!!Adam
We wanted to thank you for your amazing music, enthusiasm and warmth at our wedding. We are so happy you were able to play for us. It was also great seeing you and (for David) singing with you at Lauren and Micah’s wedding! We hope to hear you play at one of your non-wedding gigs soon. Let us know if you need more photos or another copy of the video.Sharon & David
Thank you so much for performing at our wedding in Baltimore, MD. Your spirit and energy set the tone for our special day and reminded us of the magical night in Tzfat when we saw you performing at the Klezmer Festival. We received many amazing compliments about the band from our guests. We look forward to see you perform again soon.Stacy and Paul
Pey Dalid made our party! A seemingly endless stream of people told us it was the most fun they had ever had at a simcha, and so much of that was due to the warmth and energy that the brothers bring. They kept the entire crowd, young and old, dancing and moving throughout the party. They are incredible musicians and would be a joy to hear in concert, but they are also experienced professionals who know how to keep the party high-energy and fun and are extremely helpful and easy to work with, creative and open to ideas. There is no comparison between the value Pey Dalid provides and any other option — they are simply the best!Laura Fine

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