Thank you for everything you did to help make our wedding day an absolute answer to all our prayers and beyond. Each of you gave from such deep and incredibly generous places from your neshama and your guf. Your planning, organization, professionalism, hard work and soul commitment came together in such a profound way which allowed the rest of us to feel like it’s all just one big spontaneous party. Your vision of how to play just the right song or niggun at just the right time is so much a part of bringing down the shefa and helping us raise ourselves to our new heights as chattan and kallah as well as all bringing incredible joy to all our guests. Michoel and I felt Hashem’s presence so strongly and we are so very clear it was in large part due to the coming together of such beautiful Yidden on every level. Thank you for everything you did to help make that happen. It was a day like none other for me, Michoel and our families. There aren’t sufficient words to show our gratitude but if you read these words, close your eyes and take a deep breath I pray Hashem will place a warmth in your heart that allows you to feel the level of appreciation we are sending and the level of nachas He must experience from what you helped to create.

Thank you from our very deepest places.  Thank you.