Jewish Wedding Music

Their Part in Your Night

Did you just say that your Jewish wedding is coming up? Wow! That’s super exciting! Mazel tov! Mazel tov! Hay, wait – did you choose your Jewish wedding music band yet?

‘Cause choosing the right Jewish wedding music band is crucial. It’s so important that some people make it their first stop, even before they have a chance to schedule a date for their wedding. They only choose a wedding date once they hear when the Jewish wedding music band of their choice is available. Why?

Well, the Jewish wedding music band you choose is like choosing a mood for your wedding. Ya, I’m serious. If you choose the right one; one that knows just the right tunes and songs to play, at what volume, at just the right moments, for the right amount of time etc… You and your guests will experience the most wonderful emotions during the various rituals and ceremonies… And dance with vigor and excitement when the right moment comes. Choosing the right Jewish wedding music band is like the difference between your guests having a nice time sitting on their chairs schmoozing to the backdrop of enjoyable noise and your guests coming to life with energetic dancing! Yes, it’s that different.

A top notch Jewish wedding music band will choose the right sounds for every moment, bringing out the right mood and feel for every moment of your big night.

So, yes, since it’s that important, people do actually plan their wedding date according to the wedding band’s availability.

Doing Your Homework

Now, obviously, if it’s the band’s job to set the tone for your wedding, it’s not only about making one phone call and booking them. It’s not good enough to know that they are a half decent ban, and then; ok, let’s book the wedding. No.

It’s important to do proper research, talk to people you know, ask them for recommendations. Make sure that they were happy with the results of their wedding music and ultimately the tone of their wedding in general. Make sure they played a nice variety of tunes, stuck to the client’s style preferences, played appropriate music for each moment of the wedding etc.

Experience is Equally Important

In addition to finding out about the quality of the music that the band played, it’s just as important to make sure that the client’s general experience with the band was a pleasant one. Meaning, playing great music is super important, but it’s only half the equation. Ensuring that the band’s service, starting from the initial inquiry phone call, all the way until the end of the wedding night, was a pleasant ride… or tune :), is super important.

Make sure that the band was friendly, showed interest and gave the client the time to listen to their preferences in music genres and styles. There are so many music styles; it’s important that a band give you the time to hear what you like and dislike… Whether you want a mixed variety or to stick to only a few genres etc.

It’s also important to ensure that on the day of the wedding they arrived on time, with plenty of time until the wedding, in order to set up their equipment. Additionally, find out that they moved the wedding along smoothly, seamlessly and in a timely fashion.

Ultimately, make sure that besides for the actual music, the client had an all around great experience with the prospective band.

The Ultimate Choice

Once you’ve done your homework, found out that the band both played fantastic music, setting the right tone for each moment of the wedding and gave a great experience… Make the call to the wedding band. At this point, if the person you got the recommendation from is someone you trust… You can either just ask them about their availability, book them and then book your wedding date.

Or, since this is such a crucial decision, you can get a few more references from the band… And make sure that the information is consistent among all the band’s clients. And if you really want to be sure, you can ask them when they’re playing next at a wedding and pop in just to see first hand that the band sounds right to you. After that, I think you’ve done everything you could to ensure a great wedding music experience… Go ahead; book the band and set your wedding date.

Pey Dalid

Pey Dalid is the ultimate Jewish music band; providing top-notch music and a fantastic experience, with quality and service being their priority. They use their fine musical skills to play magnificent music appropriate for any event. Pay Dalid plays a wide variety of music genres; ranging from traditional to contemporary Jewish, as well as world and secular music. So whether your wedding or any event is in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, or Maryland… Pey Dalid will make sure that it sounds just right!

Jewish Wedding Music