Jewish wedding band

What’s the Importance of a Jewish Wedding Band

A Guide for the Music Novice

In case you’re not a music lover like we are… You may be wondering what the whole fuss is over how to choose the Jewish wedding band. Well, even if you’re not a music guru or fan… And do not walk around with earplugs that are connected to some device singing your favorite songs… Like some other people you may know… Music is still a tool that is used to lift people’s spirit, and bring them to happiness. And, anyways, I’m sure you at least enjoy music, even if you can’t carry a tune… Oh, did you say you can’t tell the difference between the different genres? I’m still positive that you enjoy listening to the music played by others, because that’s the power that music has.

With that being said; now that you need to choose a Jewish wedding band for your wedding… You need to first understand the significance and importance of music at a Jewish wedding.

The Source

The source for music at a Jewish wedding is that there is a Mitzva, commandment, to be misameach, gladden… A bride and groom on the day of their wedding. Now that we understand that even if you are not a music lover or obsesser… It’s still a tool to bring happiness to a person… We can understand why it’s such a big deal to choose the right Jewish wedding band.

The band you choose will set the tone for your entire wedding ceremony, from the guests arrival to the ceremony… In fact, besides for choosing the right Jewish wedding band for yourself to enjoy… It’s actually important for your guests who you’ve invited. This is because, if they have a Mitzva to make you happy on the day of your wedding… And it’s the Jewish wedding band that you hire who will set the tone (pun intended:)) for your celebration… Hence, you need to pick a top-notch band that will set a perfect tone for your wedding. One that will enable your guests to dance the night away and make you very happy.

Pey Dalid Jewish Wedding Band

So if you’re looking for a top notch wedding band that can play a wide variety of music genres… Well, then, Pey Dalid is the perfect choice. Pey Dalid plays any kind of music, world music, secular music, Jewish traditional and contemporary music, and anything in between. Pey Dalid will play at your wedding, or any event… Whether it’s in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Maryland or Philadelphia.

Jewish wedding band

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