New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra

Preparing for the Big Night

Preparing for your wedding is exciting, invigorating, and yet at the same time it can be hectic and overwhelming. With so many details to arrange and iron out; a hall, caterer, photographer, New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra, just to name a few; it can almost be daunting. Especially since everyone wants this once in a lifetime experience to be as amazing and perfect as possible.

New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra

To achieve this goal of perfection, every minute detail for your big night needs to be researched and discussed before settling on the perfect option. All this time and energy is invested in order to create a night of true ambiance and delight.

Who will Set the Tone?

Above all, though, it’s to create a memorable night for the bride, groom and all the guests at the wedding. And at the end of the day (or night:)), the most important component for that would be a top notch New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra. It’s the Orchestra that will set the tone for the atmosphere in the hall on the night of your wedding. When the big night finally arrives and all your guests have gathered to celebrate your big night with you, it’s the Orchestra that they’ll all dance to. So choosing a New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra is a lot more that just choosing a menu or color theme for your wedding. Choosing a New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra is actually choosing what kind of atmosphere you’ll have at your wedding.

Pey Dalid is Top in the Industry

Pey Dalid is a New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra that is top in the music industry, with a wide variety of musical instruments and accompaniments. We work hard to achieve a high energy atmosphere, ideal for fun dancing, combined with the professionalism and class appropriate for your special day.

New York Jewish Wedding Orchestra

More than anything else, though, Pey Dalid’s crowning jewel is our wide range of music styles. We play any kind of music. From traditional Jewish simcha music, to modern day Jewish music, as well as a wide variety of American music. This makes Pey Dalid a perfect choice for any style Jewish wedding! And all the more so for those who want a nice combination of varying styles of music at their wedding.

Regardless of your choice music, we do it all and we play it well!

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