Jewish Wedding Music

Choosing the Right Sound for Jewish Wedding Music

Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life, and choosing the right Jewish wedding music is probably its most important component. I know; I don’t have to tell you that. With all the time you’ve been spending lately on planning every tiny detail for your big day… Well, I’m actually here to help you sort through some of those details.

Throughout your wedding, there are different times, ceremonies and segments. Starting with the reception, the chuppah, dinner, dancing, all the way down to sheva brachot. Each one is unique in it’s own right, with its own special feeling and mood. And so, each moment has a particular style and sound appropriate for its time. Each sound will not only set the right tone, but will draw out the right feeling and emotion. It takes just the right Jewish wedding music to do just that.

The Right Music for Every Moment

So, choosing the right music for your wedding day is not like choosing which singer to listen to while driving to work. That’s just based on your mood at that moment. Having top notch Jewish wedding music takes thought, planning and ultimately a top ranking Jewish wedding music band.

Now let’s actually get down to business. Let’s talk about what styles you’d be looking for, for each part of your wedding.

Starting with the reception, that sort of sets the tone for the chuppah ceremony that follows. At the same time, the reception is not quite the ceremony itself yet. Therefore, you’ll want something festive and upbeat, yet low key with a slower beat and a possible touch of tradition. This style Jewish wedding music should set the mood for the joy and emotion felt at any Jewish wedding.

A Touch of Tradition

For the chuppah ceremony itself, you’ll want something slow, sentimental and traditional. This will create a more serious atmosphere for the ceremony taking place. It has also become a relatively new style that right before the glass is broken, at the end of the chuppah, many play a heartfelt tune of “Im Eshkacheich Yerushalayim”, remembering our holy city, Jerusalem. Whether you’ve seen this before or not, you may want to consider doing this at your own chuppah. It’s an opportunity at your moment of extreme joy to remember Jerusalem.

Once the glass is broken, marking the end of the ceremony, you’ll want to choose a completely different style Jewish wedding music. At this point you’ll want to switch over to extremely upbeat, joyful Jewish wedding music. As you dance away from the chuppah as a new couple, you’ll want to fill the room with happy, energetic music, yet still with just a little touch of tradition.

During the dinner, you’ll want to provide your guests with relaxing dinner music. Setting a festive, happy backdrop that is still relaxing so that your guests can enjoy their dinner. The actual style can be anything you like from classic Jewish to secular American and anything in between.

Coming Alive

For dancing, both first and second dance, you’ll want to choose songs that will bring the room alive. You’ll want Jewish wedding music that will sweep your guests off their feet so that they can join you in your night of joy. The actual music can be anything you like from traditional Jewish wedding music to modern day Jewish music or even secular American songs. Realize, though, that whatever you choose to play will set the tone for what kind of dancing you and you’re guests will do. So choose accordingly.

Jewish Wedding Music

Finally, at shava brachot, you’ll probably want to choose something slow and traditional, bringing out the actual words of the brachot being said. Sheva brachot is an old Jewish custom, so setting a more sentimental tone with just the right accompaniments to bring out the meaning of the words of the brachot, is a good option.

Finding the Right Jewish Wedding Music Band

Once you have these general guidelines, you’ll need to find a top tear Jewish wedding music band to carry it all out. With all the time spent choosing your Jewish wedding music, if you don’t have a high caliber music band to play it out right – well, then, what’s all that time worth?

And that’s exactly where we, at Pey Dalid, fit into the picture. We are that high caliber Jewish wedding music band you’re looking for. We play any style music you may like and we play it right.

Not only that, but we’ll sit with you on it and help you make the right choices to fit your style. First, we’ll get an idea of what kind of music you enjoy. Then, we’ll go through your different options of our wide variety of music and songs. Finally, we’ll help you choose your best choices and make a customized plan for Jewish wedding music on your big night.

So whether your wedding is in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston or Maryland; we’ll help you plan a great play list for your wedding. And ultimately, we’ll play the highest caliber music for you and your guests to enjoy.

How does that sound?

Well, at least we’ll make sure that the music at your wedding sounds just right 🙂