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How to Choose a Jewish Music Band for Your Wedding

A Jewish music band is hard to choose when there are so many out there. Therefore, choosing the right one requires some preliminary checking and leg work. And being that this is the Jewish music band for your most important night, make sure to do it right. That’s why we’ve come to help you understand what you’re looking for when choosing a Jewish music band.

In general, word of mouth referrals are the best way of choosing a top quality Jewish music band for your wedding. Think back to the weddings you’ve been to and consider which Jewish music bands’ performance tickled your fancy. Which ones’ style did you enjoy? Which ones’ sound did you appreciate?

Once you’ve chosen a few you liked, ask your friends and/or family how it was for them to deal with their Jewish music band. Ask them if their service and performance was as expected etc. If they were happy, and you, as a guest, were impressed, then jot down the Jewish music band’s name and number. Once you’ve collected a short list of great Jewish music bands, you can start making phone calls, asking questions and considering their different attributes.

What to Consider

Quality / Price Balance:

Whether your wedding is high or low budget, you want to look for a quality Jewish music band at a fair price. It’s best to look for the highest value; highest quality at a decent price. In that way, you’ll get the biggest bang (or band 🙂 – pun intended) for your buck. Looking for just the lowest price might not get you the highest quality Jewish music band you can get. The Jewish music band you choose will set the tone for your entire wedding. Spending budget on quality music will definitely pay off; creating a momentous night for both you and your guests. And as a general rule in life, you get what you pay for, so make sure to choose a Jewish music band that will fit both your desired quality and style, as well as your budget. It’s a balance, as everything in life is.

Professional Experience is Value:

Consider the level of experience, expertise and professionalism of the Jewish music bands’ musicians. If you want the music at your wedding to be of the highest caliber, it’s imperative that they have professionally trained musicians who are passionate about their music and ultimately have plenty of experience. And of course, innate talent and refined skill should be part of the package too. Considering these attributes will get you the best value for the price you’ll pay for a Jewish music band at your wedding.

Background Check:

Checking out what the Jewish music band’s background is all about is essential. First, do an online search and look them up. See what their website looks like; is it professional and up to date or is it armature and dated? Do they perform regularly? See what previous customers have to say about their Jewish music band; were they happy with their service and performance? When you call the Jewish music band, ask them for references, in addition to your friend or family member who originally gave you their number. Call the references and ask how the band performed and how they were to deal with on a personal level. Finally, compare all your feedback and see if it’s all consistent.

Customer Service:

Although quality music is essential, great service like, good communication, timely arrival and attention to clients’ needs, are equally as important when choosing a Jewish music band for your wedding. When you reach out to any Jewish music band, take note of how quickly they respond. Do they take a special interest in your wedding or do they have a one-size-fits-all attitude, insinuating that all events’ music is about the same? Do they ask smart, targeted questions to get a good feel for your style music? Are they generally helpful? Do you feel like you matter to them or are they quick and lacking patients when talking to you?

These are extremely important considerations, since at the end of the day, if your Jewish music band pays close attention to your personal wants and needs, they will be able to create unique memories for you and your guests to cherish for years to come.


There are dozens of styles within the music industry. What style you choose reflects your preferences and personality. Make sure to choose a Jewish music band that is well versed in the different music styles. Make sure they go through the different segments of your wedding and get a clear picture from you of what kind of music you want to play. Perhaps at the reception you want an airy feel, while at the chuppah you may want a traditional sound. Maybe at the dinner you want them to play relaxing music and by dancing you want high energy, trendy music. Whatever style(s) you may want, make sure your prospective band knows how to play the different styles you may want and that they take the time out to get a feel for what you like.

Live Preview:

No matter how many phone calls you make; seeing is believing. Once you’ve done all the research and boiled your list down to one or two Jewish music bands you are interested in for your wedding, it’s a good idea to ask them when you can see them in action. Perhaps they’ll be performing somewhere and you can stop by to get a feel for their sound and style. This will help guide you with which band to go with. Once you see them in action, it will give you confidence in their Jewish music band before you book them for your wedding.

Jewish Music Band

The Ultimate in Jewish Music for Your Wedding

Pey Dalid is a Jewish music band of the highest caliber. We play the most professional and highest quality music at a price our clients’ can afford. Our high quality instruments and accompaniments played by our experienced, professional musicians make us a top notch Jewish wedding band. Weddings are our specialty, but by no means is it the only kind of event we play by. We play any style music; from traditional to contemporary Jewish music, as well as secular American music. We take interest in your wedding as a unique event and get a feel for what kind of music styles you want for each part of the wedding.

So whether your wedding is in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland or Boston; we’ll make your big night a memorable one with our highest quality music played and customized to your preferences.

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